Southeast Banking Systems

Financial Banking Solutions and Service since 1983

SERVICE should be the number one priority when choosing a vendor that provides products and service. Allow me to tell you why I feel this way. Our customers demand products and services that will provide them with lower down time. There are many good products on the market but our customers recognize the value of excellence, courteous service and getting products repaired the first time around. For over 27 years I have made this our goal, it has been our key to success.

At SBS you get personal and professional turn-key attention
and we pride ourselves on this “hands on” type of service.

Today I am proud to say that we have continued to grow and expand using this simple key to success. Our customers will tell you, “when you need to get a job done right, call SBS.” I encourage you to speak with our clients about why they have a longstanding business relationship with us. I guarantee they will tell you that our service is unmatched.

Call us to find out what our clients already know: SBS is clearly the better choice.

-Ed Ellington,
Owner and President

Southeast Banking Systems has been providing service for Financial Institutions since 1983. It began with owner Ed Ellington providing services to 6 banks with a single van. As a result of the vision to supply equipment that banks need, SBS expanded rapidly and continues to seek more growth. Currently, SBS employs over 40 skilled personnel that provide services to over 490 organizations - this includes more than 2,000 locations! The key to success is the “hands on” personal service policy on which the company was founded.

We believe in delivering the finest quality equipment and service at a competitive price. We offer individual solutions based on the needs of each customer, not just what we want you to buy. Southeast Banking Systems spends countless hours ensuring that our customers have available to them the best quality of equipment possible. Close attention is paid to the design of the product and quality of material. If we don’t feel strongly about the product, we will not recommend it. We view your purchase as if we are buying it ourselves. Providing excellent service is very important to us. We will do our very best to respond to your problems promptly and efficiently. If you need help or you have a concern, a qualified person is just a phone call away at Southeast Banking Systems. We are a friend you can rely on.

Financial and Security Products Association
Member since 1984