Hamilton Legacy Vault Door

Hamilton’s vault doors are utilized by banks/financial institutions, pharmaceutical companies, the jewelry industry, government agencies, military and for other commercial purposes. We deliver maximum security with architectural appeal. Hamilton’s door is tough, reliable and loaded with many features to meet your security needs.

  • Available in UL Listed Class I, 2 and 3
  • Standard size is 36″ x 79″ clear opening; custom sizes available
  • Maintenance-free stainless steel construction
  • Stainless steel heat- dissipating locking bar runs full height of door
  • UL Listed Group One Combination Locks
  • UL Listed Three-movement Time Lock – 144 hour resettable
  • Emergency release
  • Heat sensor and door contact with terminal strip connection
  • Standard smoked acrylic daygate with self-closing hinges
  • Scotch tread
  • Right or left swing
  • Made in Ohio


  • Emergency ventilator
  • Four wheel indirect drive vault locks
  • Custom door sizes
  • Access control and biometrics geometry to control electric strike door closure on daygate
  • Customized logo on daygate
  • Door can be painted and color matched (Class 1 & 2 only)
  • Class M door available

Modular Vaults

  • The right size to meet your needs.

    For increased vault needs, branch consolidation or to create more space, just add more vault panels! Your Hamilton dealer can cost-effectively enlarge the existing vault at a fraction of the cost of changing a reinforced concrete vault. And vault panels can be arranged to fit a wide variety of shapes.

  • Rapid installation.

    Experienced technicians erect your vault in three days or less, eliminating weeks wasted waiting for concrete to cure or forms to be stripped.

  • True portibility.

    Vault panels can be moved from one building to another. That’s a real cost advantage when a branch is relocated or closed. Delivered in indi- vidual panels and quickly assembled on location, your vault can be delivered through any door— installed on almost any floor.