Hamilton Safety Deposit Boxes


Whether you’re designing a new vault interior or trying to match boxes from a hundred years ago we can get you the look you need.  We can design the boxes to meet our customer’s unique needs and requirements.


Each safety deposit box is encased in cold-rolled steel with black enamel finish.  Doors are equipped with 1/2″ heavy-gauge steel (with stainless steel plating) or solid aluminum.

Choose your finish

Pick what types of doors best suits your bank.  Choose from maintenance-free stainless steel doors with number plate frames or solid-polished aluminum doors with numbers imprinted into the metal.

Variety of Sizes

Each safety deposit box unit can be configured with sizes ranging from 2″ x 5″ to 15″ x 10″.

Bond Boxes

Rugged metal bond boxes that are designed to fit perfectly in each box are included with every unit.