Customer Units

Engineered to Deliver Long-term Reliability

Superior quality, affordability and flexibility set the industry standard for pneumatic drive-up systems.

Easy to Maintain

Corrosion-resistant stainless steel and polymer coated finishes combine to provide an attractive, easy-to-maintain system.

Simple Installation

A single tube is the only thing between the operator/teller and the remote customer unit. There are no blower packs to be installed in the canopy or remote location.  Hamilton’s patented PowerStar Air Turbine is located in each customer terminal unit. Electrical power is required only at the drive-through island.

Low Cost of Ownership

For over 20 years, Hamilton Air units has been at the top of the industry for reliability. High-quality, non-proprietary, off-the-shelf components are used. Hamilton’s units are engineered with two thoughts in mind, simplicity and reliability.

Teller Stations

Designed to meet virtually any design layout.

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New! Hamilton Safe HA1000-XLR

The new HA1000-XLR unit combines the best qualities of the HA-1000 and HA-45 Systems.

The XLR unit has many new design features such as

  • Small footprint Design
  • Low Maintenance Wether-resistant grade Stainless Steel
  • Sleek Modern Desgin
  • Can be used in upsend & downsend applications.