Why choose NCR?

Southeast Banking systems is an Authorized Reseller of NCR ATM’s and Teller Cash Recyclers.

As more customers are switching to self service banking your choice of ATM’s are more important than ever! You Can Deliver a better customer experience, reduce your operating cost and increase your revenues. NCR SelfServ can help you do this. We can offer a variety of models to suite your specific needs.

With over 125 years of experience and knowledge, NCR is a leading global provider of payments, assisted- and self-service solutions. NCR has been the global number one manufacturer of ATMs for more than 22 consecutive years. NCR products help clients around the world improve their customer interactions, implement change quickly and proactively, and transform their businesses to become leaders and change agents.

  • Redefined Availability

    Real availability is about delivering the transactions that consumers want, where and when they need them. With new “self-healing” technology, easy-to-use service lead-through application, and front, rear and side service access, NCR SelfServ redefines availability.

  • Informed Manageability

    NCR SelfServ provides best-in-class data for network management. Clear visibility to configurations, software versions and the activity levels of each module, results in more accurate, timely management decisions and operational excellence.

  • Committed Responsibility

    Low-energy LED lighting, 25% less cabling and reduced requirements for on-site service visits are just some of the ways we’ve lowered the carbon footprint of each ATM. NCR SelfServ will be a valuable asset in achieving the environmental goals for your business.

  • Intuitive Usability

    NCR SelfServ enables consumers, cash-in-transit companies, branch staff and service engineers to become experts after the very first use, resulting in better operational efficiency, staff utilization and consumer satisfaction.

  • Intrinsic Security

    Incorporating a unique protected USB architecture and a range of antifraud and physical security solutions, NCR SelfServ reduces fraud risk and maintains the integrity of your self-service channel for you and your customer

SelfServ 34 Drive Up

Outstanding ease-of-use for drive-up locations

The NCR SelfServ 34 is an exterior through-the-wall drive-up ATM designed for high transaction usage. The perfect ATM to deliver your complete self-service transaction set, it gives you the widest range of upgrade options, is fully weatherized and is designed for ease-of-use when operated from a vehicle, maximizing your brand presence and deployment opportunities.

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SelfServ 38

Versatility and accessibility whatever the weather

The NCR SelfServ 38 is a freestanding drive-up ATM designed to cope with the severest weather conditions. It dispenses cash, offers a full set of revenue-generating services and the widest range of upgrade options available. With a compact transaction area, its large screen and shortest reach delivers the greatest consumer usability across the widest range of vehicles.

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SelfServ 16

Connect with more customers in more locations

The NCR SelfServ 16 is a small footprint, free-standing, interior cash dispenser that offers a very low total cost of ownership. Ideal for large independent deployers or banks looking to deploy in off-premise locations or in bank branches, the intuitively designed NCR SelfServ 16 will attract customers and handle even the highest transaction volumes. At the same time, the compact footprint provides maximum placement flexibility where floor space is at a premium.

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NCR Cash Recycler

A more effective use of everyone’s time

NCR Cash Recycler automates the acceptance, authentication and validation of bank notes while making them instantly available for dispensing to customers. The NCR Cash Recycler has eight Rolled Storage Modules capable of accepting and dispensing numerous denominations and multiple currencies. Designed to improve the productivity of the teller’s role, the NCR Cash Recycler speeds up transactions, reduces wait times and improves customer interaction.

Increasing productivity

Cash deposit transaction times can be reduced by up to 50%. Cash dispense transactions times can be cut by up to 40%. And the time taken for start and end-of-day cash balancing is reduced by an average of 20 minutes as well as significantly reducing the number of vault buys and sells.

Improving customer satisfaction

Average wait times are cut by up to 50% with the NCR Cash Recycler, allowing tellers to give the customer their undivided attention rather than focusing on the transaction. Customers benefit from a more personal, as well as efficient, service, which is key to improving branch sales performance.

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