Graphic Touchscreen Keypads

These stylish touchscreen keypads give your facility the security it needs with the beauty and elegance of the modern age.

With features such as

  • Easy-to-use icon menus
  • stylish slim profile in black or white gloss finish
  • Interactive shield for quick arming status
  • Up to date weather forecast.

The integrated proximity reader & Codeless operation creates a easy to use but highly secure environment for your staff.

The built in proximity reader operates with a variety of credentials including prox cards, key fobs, and the DMP prox patch. The prox patch can be attached to any object or device the employee may carry with them. Including a mobile phone or wallet.

7300 Series Thin line Icon Keypads

The 7300 thinline series offers a high quality yet cost effective option for your facilities.

Its sleek and stylish design offers

  • Visual and audible alarm notification
  • Easy-to-use shortcut key operation
  • Optional integrated proximity reader
  • Silence alarm while system remains armed

An affordable and easy to use solution for your facility.

Cellular Communications

With CDMA for Verizon and HSPA+ for AT&T and T-Mobile delivers the simplicity, flexibility, and longevity you want.

The best option for a world with ever changing technology.

Alarm monitoring service provided by Rapid Response.

With 24 hour monitoring 365 days a year, Your facility, assetts, and faculity are protected year round.

Access Control

Customize your facilities security and accessibility with the DMP integrated card access systems & Keypads.

With the integrated card access systems you can….

  • Restrict access of areas of your facility to bank employees only
  • Restrict access to areas to high level staff members only.
  • Easily control permissions for each employee.

DMP offers a variety of proximity devices such as

  • Cards
  • Key Fobs
  • Prox Patch

Why do we use DMP?